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Some unexpected data loss occured and the latest news have been wiped out. We will fix it as much as we can.

Iím sorry to inform you all that Petteri is no longer a part of Enthring. After the years of hard work and dedication it is his time to move on and concentrate on other aspects of life. He will leave a huge gap to be filled and we want to wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Zero drama is included.

On the announced gigs Henri Vuorenmaa from My Reflection will be substituting as a guitarist.

We are now looking for a guitarist. Applications and questions should be sent via email to enthring@hotmail.com

The album cover of the new EP "The Art of Chaos" revealed.

Here is a video from the drum recordings of our new EP. Track number 3:

Our whole "News" page was swiped clean so all the old news are gone and can't be restored. More news coming soonish!